Big Bouncer maybe the industry leader in commercial bouncing systems,
But we are also leading the way in the DIY department, We do offer the best commercial product on the market however we realize that some customers want a more value based procdeuct and here it is, we are the first of the major Companies to offer this package,

DIY Installation

We keep our DIY install as simple as we can, you will receive a complete step by step how to guide and list of products you will need to buy to finish the project. The install method we out line is vary similar to what other companies charge thousands for.

DIY Warranty

Even with the DIY Package you still get a 1 year Warranty, so you can bounce with peace of mind.

DIY Pricing

This concept is so new, We are still working with our suppliers on lowering the price as much as possible. In the mean time we want to let you know we will not be under sold, we will beat any advertised price for the same product,
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